More About My Sketch Book
I use much of my time completing drawing exercises. For me, drawing is not just a professional pursuit; it is a ritual that must be performed with regularity.
Some of my ideas are fragmentary. So, before I lose the inspiration, I quickly sketch out the form. These works are appropriate for a sketch book format. Within these images, you will find café sketches, nascent fine art, as well as mental meanderings.

I use my café sketches to improve my drawings from life. I may render them in a coffee shop, a theme park, the beach, the laundry mat or the grocery store. With these exercises, I can constantly hone my skills and flesh out new ideas. However, some of my informal scribbles can take on a life of their own. Some of these works are revisited several times with layers of ink washes, paint and colored pens. If I like how the piece develops, the drawing will provide the foundation for a more ambitious work. Some of these ideas may end up as an epic scene on canvas or a scenic mural in a home or business.

Here again, some of my ideas serve only as mental repetition. The most important aspect is that I keep myself artistically vital. Yet, even more important than learning by rote, sketching in really fun!

Always hungry for perfection, I find my sketch book an ideal source for birthing new ideas or perfecting old formulas. I will always find ways to improve upon my existing work.
If you are interested in hiring me as a caricature artist for a specific event, please take a moment to complete the form. I will promptly reply and provide any additional information.