More About my Fine Art
At times, I find that many of my artistic expressions do not immediately conform to tight, commercial fields. So my free time is used to explore these impulses to bring them to fruition. Through fine art, I have the opportunity to experiment with content, medium and new markets.
Although, I do not like to typecast my work, I would call it surreal painting. Most all of my personal work is filled with symbols and metaphors. The visions may follow a personal narrative that takes me to unknown regions.

Most of my paintings are completed on canvas or archival paper. Some of my work is rendered in charcoal and ink wash while others are finished with airbrush and acrylic. Within each piece, I am constantly pushing new ideas and new materials. It’s always a tightrope act of balancing out the variety of mediums and substrate.

I have displayed my paintings in a variety of venues, including several local galleries and in central Florida. I have also appeared in a variety of publications. My work is currently posted on and

When it comes to art, I find myself as the true renaissance man. One style, one market, and one medium are never enough. As for me, I will always be compelled to explore and push the artistic envelope. Always stay current with my online galleries as I will be constantly posting new work. Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

All paintings are available for purchase. I can accept payment though online transactions or mail.
If you are interested in hiring me as a caricature artist for a specific event, please take a moment to complete the form. I will promptly reply and provide any additional information.