Greetings from the Studio of Bill Burbridge
My art odyssey started out many years ago. My creative talents began showing themselves shortly after I left the womb. However, it took me several years after pursuing other careers that I finally decided to pursue art as more than a hobby-it was my true profession. This pursuit took me to college and then to the theme park industry and then finally stepping out as a freelance artist.

At every point of my life, I remember that I was drawing on just about any surface with just about every medium available to me. Like many creatively endowed children, I drew on walls, floors, desktops and even on my homework. With little to no formal training, I was able to cultivate a significant level of draftsmanship.

A few things to consider

I went to college with the dream of becoming an animator. I graduated from The University of Central Florida in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts. By the time I graduated, the classical animation field had abruptly declined. So, I redirected my career path.

After a short fortuitous gig in pizza delivery, I began working as a caricature artist at Sea World of Orlando, Florida. It didn’t take me long to advance in my field and move on to work the theme parks of Walt Disney World. Caricatures were fun and profitable until the sharp decline in tourism associated with the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C.

once again refocused my career and returned to Jacksonville, Florida. Here, I continued along my path as an illustrator/caricature artist. To date, I have no regrets and I look forward to each new day and the challenges each new project presents. One day, I may be working a convention drawing caricatures for guests and the next day, I will complete an exciting illustration for a new client.

I have followed a circuitous route. The end goal has taken me to where I exist today. My life has continued to be led in accordance to my dreams and ideals. Here I am most content and self actualized as an artist.

If you are interested in hiring me as a caricature artist for a specific event, please take a moment to complete the form. I will promptly reply and provide any additional information.